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Cargiant Triumphs at the Motor Trader Industry Awards 2023

24 Nov 2023 | In Cargiant News

We are thrilled to announce our recent triumph at the Motor Trader Industry Awards 2023, with the "Used Car Retailer of the Year (100 Vehicles Plus)" award.

UK & London Potholes Statistics 2023

16 Nov 2023 | In Motoring News

In the wake of the latest eye-opening reports on the UK's deteriorating road conditions, we at Cargiant have been inspired to take a closer look at London's own pothole landscape.

The Best Used Cars for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

31 Oct 2023 | In Motoring Advice

Although a Zombie Apocalypse isn’t likely, it's crucial to know which used cars are best to carry you through the hordes of undead with grace and reliability.

Cargiant Celebrates Triple Nomination for Motor Trader Industry Awards 2023

20 Oct 2023 | In Cargiant News

We are absolutely over the moon to announce that Cargiant has been shortlisted for not just one, but three prestigious Motor Trader Industry Awards for 2023.

What Is The ULEZ

10 Oct 2023 | In Motoring News

This guide aims to demystify the various acronyms and regulations related to ULEZ, CAZ (Clean Air Zones), and LEZ (Low Emission Zones).

The Best Second Cars for New Drivers

26 Sep 2023 | In Motoring Advice

We understand that selecting the right vehicle is crucial for enhancing your confidence, skill, and enjoyment on the road. These are our recommendations.

The 10 Best Used Cars for Road Trips

22 Sep 2023 | In Motoring Advice

A used car can offer just as much reliability, comfort, and fun for your journeys. These are the top 10 used cars for a road trip.

Top Tips for Driving in Spain

12 Sep 2023 | In Motoring Advice

From understanding local road rules to travelling with children, discover top tips that will make your Spanish road trip safer and more enjoyable.

The Best Cars for Dogs

01 Aug 2023 | In Motoring Advice

It's no surprise that many of us in the UK consider our four-legged friends when choosing a car. These are the best cars for every sized dog.

New Data Reveals Penalty Points by London Postcode

26 Jul 2023 | In Motoring News

Cargiant have crunched the numbers! Read more about the worst drivers in London racking up the most points on their license in each postcode.

Best Family Car

13 Jul 2023 | In Car Reviews

Choosing the right family car can be a contentious topic, with so many options out there and plenty of features to consider we've put together our best pick for the family car category.

The Best Used Cars For Affordable Insurance Policies

30 Jun 2023 | In Motoring News

In 2023, more and more savvy motorists are finding value in the pre-owned vehicle market. Here are 10 used cars that have affordable insurance policies.

Unveiling the Latest Driving Test Pass Rates in London: A Cargiant Analysis

29 Jun 2023 | In Motoring News

Discover the latest driving test pass rates in London. Cargiant's analysis reveals top performing test centres and insights for learner drivers.

Battle of the SUVs - Kia Sportage vs Hyundai Tucson

22 Jun 2023 | In Motoring Advice

In the market for an SUV but not sure which one to go for? Cargiant has weighed up two great options against each other, to help you buy the right car for you.

The Best Car Boot Sales In London

25 May 2023 | In Motoring News

Ever wondered where the best place to spot supercars in London is? You’ve come to the right place! We run down the best places in the capital to check them out.

Understanding ULEZ: Stats and FAQs

09 May 2023 | In Motoring News

ULEZ is slowly taking over London, which means drivers need to be careful of new regulations coming into play regarding their cars. Read more about it here.

What is Engine Remapping?

17 Apr 2023 | In Motoring Advice

Looking to remap your engine? At Cargiant, we have put together a simple guide to how this is done and how it will affect your car's performance!

Golf vs Polo: A Comparison of Two Volkswagen Classics

20 Mar 2023 | In Motoring Advice

In this article we review and compare two of the most popular vehicles on UK roads, the VW Golf and the Polo. Two similar cars but each suited for different purposes.

Top 10 Car Shows and Events in & around London

22 Feb 2023 | In Motoring News

Despite strict driving rules being implemented in the last few years, London is still a hub of incredible automobile culture, and hosts a number of car shows and events throughout the year. Here ar...

Best Used Electric Cars for Under £30K

24 Jan 2023 | In Motoring Advice

Looking to get a used electric vehicle in 2023? Here are our top 10 used electric cars for under £30,000, from SUVs to hatchbacks!