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6 Tile Mate Key Finder up for grabs!

16 May 2017

6 Tile Mate Key Finder up for grabs! No more time wasted searching for your car keys, use the highly rated Tile Mate App to find your keys in an instant. Read More...

Part Exchange

10 May 2017

Part Exchange Before you buy your next car at Cargiant, find out more about part exchange and how our expert team value your old car. Read More...

Best Family Car

10 May 2017

Best Family Car Choosing the right family car can be a contentious topic, with so many options out there and plenty of features to consider we've put together our best pick for the family car category. Read More...

Best Cars

28 Apr 2017

Best Cars Deciding which car is the best all depends on what you need the car to do for you, our list of top cars explain exactly why they're topping their categories. Read More...

Car Finance

19 Apr 2017

Car Finance If you about how to finance your car, we have put together the key answers that will help you decide how you'll be paying for your next dream car. Read More...

Test Drive

12 Apr 2017

Test Drive We've put together this guide to taking a test drive, so you know what to expect and how to get the most out of the test drive experience. Read More...

Win one of three Nextbase HD Dashboard Cameras

27 Mar 2017

Win one of three Nextbase HD Dashboard Cameras Protect yourself against bogus insurance claims with the highly rated Nextbase 212 Dash Cam Read More...

Number Plate Change

24 Mar 2017

Number Plate Change Since 1999, new number plates have been released twice a year and has become bit of a minefield for people considering a new car. Read More...

Used Car Checklist

17 Mar 2017

Used Car Checklist Buying a used car is an exciting purchase but one full of questions. Put yourself in the driving seat when buying your new car by reading this detailed guide. Read More...

Automotive Jobs: Careers - Recruitment Manager

10 Mar 2017

Automotive Jobs: Careers - Recruitment Manager Over the coming weeks, we’ll be profiling members of the Cargiant team. We’re kicking off with one of our best, Rhianne Murphy, Recruitment Manager, who has been with Cargiant for more than 3 years and who now knows Cargiant like the back of her hand. Read More...