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We Asked AI to Turn London Boroughs into Cars and These are the Results

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At Cargiant, nestled in the lively borough of Brent, we decided to have a bit of fun by mixing our love for cars with the latest in AI technology. We asked an AI to reimagine London boroughs as cars, and the outcomes were as mixed as London's own landscape. Some results were amusingly off the mark, others unexpectedly spot-on, showcasing the quirky side of AI's capabilities. This playful experiment not only reflects our fascination with the evolving world of cars, where AI is increasingly taking the wheel, but also highlights how far this technology has advanced in a short time.

Take a look at the results below:


The visualised car for the London Borough of Brent combines architectural influences and the multicultural essence of the area into its design. It showcases modern lines and vibrant patterns inspired by the borough's landmarks and cultural diversity, reflecting Brent's unique blend of tradition and modernity as it cruises down its stylised streets.


The visualised car for the London Borough of Westminster is designed to reflect the area's sophistication and historical significance. It incorporates luxurious elements and gothic motifs inspired by landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, with a colour palette of deep blues and gold accents. This car represents Westminster's grandeur and elegance as it moves through the borough's iconic surroundings.

Kensington & Chelsea

The visualised car for the London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea embodies the district's luxury and fashion-forward nature. It features sleek, elegant design lines and a refined colour scheme of whites, silvers, and metallic accents, capturing the opulence and sophisticated culture of the area. The car is shown cruising in an environment that reflects Kensington & Chelsea's exclusive and stylish atmosphere.


The visualised car for the London Borough of Hackney is infused with the area's vibrant and eclectic spirit, featuring a bold, artistic design with graffiti-inspired artwork and urban motifs. It showcases a modern and unconventional silhouette, with a bright and colourful palette that captures the liveliness of Hackney's street art and markets. The car is depicted navigating through a bustling street scene, embodying the youthful energy and diverse culture of Hackney.


The visualised car for the London Borough of Islington elegantly merges the borough's historical charm with its modern vibrancy. It features a design that nods to both Georgian and Victorian architectural heritage and the area's contemporary arts scene and lifestyle. With elegant lines, refined details, and an understated yet stylish colour scheme, the car reflects Islington's sophistication. It is depicted cruising down a street that perfectly captures the harmonious blend of old and new, lined with historic buildings and modern establishments, embodying the cultured atmosphere of Islington.


The visualised car for the London Borough of Camden captures the area's eclectic and alternative spirit. It features bold, unconventional shapes and vibrant colours, adorned with elements of punk and alternative culture, such as graffiti and band stickers. This design reflects Camden's energetic atmosphere, vibrant markets, and influential music scene. The car is shown navigating through a lively Camden street, embodying the borough's mix of bright and dark tones, and showcasing the contrast between its bustling day life and renowned nightlife.


The visualised car for the London Borough of Croydon showcases the area's focus on urban renewal and technological innovation. It features sleek, futuristic lines and a high-tech aesthetic, incorporating elements inspired by modern architecture and Croydon's tech hub status. The car is equipped with cutting-edge technology, reflecting the borough's innovative spirit. Its colour scheme is modern and minimalist, with metallic shades and neon accents to emphasise its futuristic appeal. The car is depicted driving through a digitally-enhanced Croydon, highlighting the blend of traditional and innovative developments.

City of London

The visualised car for the City of London captures both its financial prominence and its rich historical heritage. It blends modern design with traditional elements, incorporating the iconic skyline and ancient symbols into its aesthetic. The sleek, powerful vehicle is adorned in deep blues and golds, reflecting the City's opulence. It is shown cruising along a street that showcases the unique juxtaposition of historic buildings and modern skyscrapers, symbolising the City's enduring legacy and its role as a global financial centre.

As we conclude our unique exploration of London boroughs as cars, we hope you found the journey as interesting as we did. For more engaging articles on cars and the latest in automotive technology, make sure to visit our blog.