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Searches For Used EVs in London Are Rising

| In Motoring News

Londoners are looking for used electric cars now more than ever. Between the ULEZ expansion and the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars due in 2030, popularity has been surging. The latest 2021 Google search trends reveal a 122% yearly increase in search for used electric cars in London despite price rises across the used car market.

As of October last year, the Ultra Low Emission Zone for London (ULEZ) was expanded from central London up to the North Circular and South Circular roads. The new zone is 18x the size of the original one and now covers 3.8 million people - meaning many more people will need compliant cars or have to pay the daily charge. Simultaneously, at the end of 2020, the ban on all new petrol and diesel cars was brought forward to 2030 further reinforcing the shift towards electric vehicles.

Used cars as a whole have been in huge demand since the pandemic due to chip shortages leading prices to rise significantly but this hasn’t stopped consumers as sales throughout 2021 increased versus the previous year.


Searches in London for used EVs extend to hybrids as well: ‘used hybrid cars’ search has jumped 84% over the same period. Car brands feel the consumer demand too: electric car brand, Tesla, now has more Google searches a month than established brands Land Rover, Mini & Ford. 

Despite a clear EV trend emerging, BMW is still London’s most popular used car brand with over 5.4k Google searches a month. Londoners seem to be in search of Fiat’s though: search for ‘used fiat’ saw the biggest increase over the year in London (189%). 

Interest for MPVs and vans has declined in 2021. However, SUVs are the most popular used car body type, beating estates, hatchbacks and saloons, with the search for these models increasing 22%. 

With many more electric SUV options now available, and a confirmed all-electric Range Rover SUV due in 2024, there is nothing stopping you from getting the car of your dreams with low eco-impact. Take a look at our article on electric car myths debunked.