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6 Essential Checks before an MOT Test

6 Essential Checks before an MOT Test

As soon as a car celebrates its 3rd birthday, it must pass a yearly Ministry of Transport test, or MOT for short. This test is to ensure your car is in a road-worthy condition and safe to be driven on the public roads. Any repairs or issues that need rectifying will have to be done before the car can leave the MOT centre and could cost a lot of money.

This blog post gives you a run through of simply checks you can do to avoid any unnecessary MOT charges.

Tyres should be checked regularly to ensure they of the legal requirement. Tyres under the correct tread depth cannot offer the amount of grip a fresher tyre can and can be dangerous. Any tyre with under 1.6mm of tread will be deemed as a failure and require immediate replacement.

Simply ensuring all your headlights, brake lights and indicators are working correctly should save you money when it comes to MOT time. Although its not a legal requirement for cars to be fitted with a third central brake light, if your car has one, it must be working.

Windscreen Wipers
If the vehicle’s front windscreen wipers are torn or cracked and cannot effectively clear the windscreen, these will be deemed as a failure. Replacing windscreen wipers are very easy and takes a matter of minutes.

Washer bottles must not be empty and the washer jets must be angled and pressured correctly in order to pass. A bottle of screenwash can cost as little as £3/4.

Seats and Seatbelts
Ensure all your vehicle’s seatbelts extend and retract as they should and are without any rips or tears.

Engine Oil

It’s essential to check your vehicle’s engine oil is at a sufficient level before an MOT test. This can be done by removing the dipstick.

We’d also strongly recommend that your car has a decent level of petrol or diesel in as the engine will be running during the MOT test.

If your car is starting to cost you more than expected to pass its MOT test, it may be time to upgrade. Start your search here for your new, reliable, greener car.

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