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The Greatest Cars in Film

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From Herbie rolling down a race track at top speed to 007 saving the world in yet another Aston Martin, some films have great cars at the centre of their storyline.

Below are some of what Cargiant thinks are the greatest:


Back to the Future (1985) - The DeLorean Time Machine

The creators of Back to the Future were inspired by the DeLorean DMC-12, commonly known as the DeLorean. The creators felt as though the DeLorean looked like an “alien spaceship”, taking inspiration from its gullwing doors as well as the lights and buttons of the interior.

In the film, the car was fuelled by electrical power and a plutonium-fuelled nuclear reactor, as well as the main component of time travel- the flux compacter. At 88mph- a subtle nod to the real DMC12’s 0-60mph capabilities of 8.8 seconds- the capacitor would come to life by producing a bright light and a new year.

In 2011, the original DeLorean used in the film was sold at auction in America for a cool £282,000. However, that was not the only DeLorean available. In 1995 Stephen Wynne founded DeLorean Motor Cars (DMC) which re-established the production of the DeLorean. It was thought in 2007 that 6500 DMC’s still existed. On January 27, 2016, the new DMC announced it would build 300 DMC-12 cars and a ‘new’ DMC-12 in early 2017. Each project will cost DMC $100,000.


The Love Bug (1968) – Volkswagen Beetle


Herbie the Love Bug- otherwise known as the VW Beetle. The car with a mind of its own, self-driving capabilities and a big heart.

The Volkswagen Beetle was originally commissioned in 1934 in Germany under the Hitler era, but manufacturing did not start until 1938. The car eventually gained popularity within the car industry in 1968, when the first Herbie film graced the big screen. Overall, over 21 million have been manufactured since 1934.

Herbie and his racing stripes graced our screens from 1968-2005 across 6 different films, which meant the VW Beetle, alongside Herbie, gained more exposure and a whole new fan base.

One of the original Herbie’s used in the films recently went for $126,500 at auction in America.

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Italian Job (1969) (2003) – Mini Cooper


 Along with the saying, “You we’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off”, Mini Coopers became one of the stand out features in the Italian Job.

As the film was released, so too were the 1969 versions of the Mini Cooper, now known as the Classic Mini. Their lightweight frame and body - smallenough to fit in a subway, were perfect for the iconic chase scene. Of course during filming, the crew were constantly making small adjustments and adding additional safety features. Even with the added safety of roll cages the Mini Cooper really did take a battering. The original three Mini’s used never made it out of filming.

In the 2003 remake of the film, there was still a place for the beloved Mini Coopers. Using the new BMW revamp of the vehicle, the film was staying true to its predecessor, and the end chase scene.

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Batman Begins (2005) – Batmobile

You cannot have Batman without a Batmobile. After numerous transformations throughout the Batman films and TV series’, Christopher Nolan introduced the new Batmobile which would be featured in the 2005 Batman Begins.

Christopher Nolan describes the 2005 version of the Batmobile as a cross between a Lamborghini and a tank. And we can see why. With its rugged exterior and armour, it was the perfect vehicle to take on the Joker. Six of these cars were made for filming including a 1/3 scale radio controlled model to help perform stunts its 2.5 tonne counterpart couldn’t.

The actual Batmobile’s used in the films have not been sold as of yet. They were instead used in the filming of The Dark Knight Rises – the third instalment in the Christopher Nolan trilogy. However, there was a street-legal replica going for a huge $1million in 2010 making an expensive dream of driving a Batmobile become a reality.


Thelma & Louise (1991) – 1966 Ford Thunderbird


The American road film Thelma and Louise graced our screens in 1991, where it firmly established the 1966 Thunderbird as one of the most iconic road trip vehicles of our day.

Different to its predecessor, the 1966 Thunderbird was extensively restyled with new grills and taillights from the previous 1962 Thunderbird, making it a slicker and more stylish looking car. Along with the added bonus of going from 0-60 in 9 seconds, this Thunderbird was the best of all the Thunderbirds that had been created thus far. Making sure the girls were escaping their dreary lives at home in style.

In 2008, one of the cars used during filming was sold at an auction for $71,500, along with a bundle of memorabilia to go with it.


James Bond – Goldfinger (1964) – Aston Martin DB5

At the time of Goldfingers release, the Aston Martin DB5 was known as the “most famous car in the world”.

The DB5 was perfect for 007. Although it was slightly different to Ian Fleming’s description in the Goldfinger novel. With a top speed of 145mph, and gadgets such as a revolving number plate, ejector seats and a fire extinguisher, it certainly helped Bond to save the day.

Three different vehicles were used during filming. One of the cars used in Goldfinger and Thunderball, Goldfinger’s follow up,went for an eye-watering £2.6million in 2010.


 Grease (1978) – 1948 Ford Deluxe

A Syste-matic, Hydro-matic and Auto-matic car was needed for Grease and the T-Birds, and they found it with the Ford Deluxe.

Two Deluxes were used throughout filming. One was modified for Grease Lightning, the other for the final scene of the film.

The Ford Deluxe used in the final scene, is currently on display in the Dezer Collection Museum & Pavillion in Las Vegas where they have put it on sale for $175,995 to raise money to support their museum.

Want to have your own Danny and Sandy moment? It’s still up for sale:,-grease-lightning-c-510.htm


Jurassic Park (1993) – 1992 Ford Explorer XLT    


The 1992 Ford Explorer was the perfect tour car for Jurassic Park, with self- navigation, a water tap and night vision goggles. It had everything to help riders get up-close and personal with the parks inhabitants. Although as you will know from the film, the car got a lot closer to the dinosaurs than the characters anticipated.

With top speeds of 12mph the Explorer didn’t really have much hope of out running a T-Rex. This was good news for the audience as it meant that it featured in the one of the most thrilling moments in the film when the T-Rex bit back-literally.

None of the Jurassic Park Explorers went to auction or were sold. However, if you’re planning a trip to Universal Studios in America, you’re in luck, they sit pride of place around the Jurassic Park ride.


Iron Man 3 (2013) – Audi R8 e-tron

Even Tony Stark needs an amazing set of wheels to help him overcome the challenges that faced him as Iron Man. Thankfully Audi were there to help with the R8 e-tron.

An all-electric vehicle which could reach speeds of up to 124mph, and go from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds, the R8 e-tron certainly seemed to compliment the daring nature of Tony Stark.

Of course, featuring in Iron Man 3 and being associated with Marvel, you would expect there to be some added elements to the car. In Iron Man 3’s case, the car could fly. Unfortunately, this is something that Audi, or indeed the rest of the automotive industry have yet to work out!



If you are in the market for a R8 e-tron then it will set, you back a cool £850,000. However, Audi have decided that it costs too much money to take the e-trons into production, so instead you will have to contact Audi directly for them to custom build the car for you.  

With new film releases next year such as Fast 8 and Transformers, our list is bound to have some additional entries. We cannot wait to see what new vehicles will grace our big screens in 2017.

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