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Best Used Electric Cars for Under £30K

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Looking to get a used EV in 2023? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Cargiant, we have picked out 10 of the best used electric cars that are under £30,000, ranging from SUVs to hatchbacks. 


Nissan Leaf 

Our first car you can get for under £30K, The Nissan Leaf is an electric family car with a sleek design. These cars are relaxing to drive with very little engine noise. You’ll have a great view of the road with a high seating position. All models of the Nissan Leaf are equipped with parking cameras and sensors, making parking simple. Looking at range, older Nissan Leafs can cover 124 miles on a full charge. With a 50kw fast charger, an 80% recharge will take 30 minutes. 

Check out our range of used Nissan Leafs at Cargiant! 


Renault Zoe

If you are looking for an affordable electric car, check out the Renault Zoe. This EV is a practical car that is great to drive with low running costs. A similar size to the Renault Clio, the Zoe has a lot of space and the high seats can be great for people with mobility issues. 

The electric Renault Zoe has a range of 239 miles with a 52kWh capacity battery. The Renault Zoes also have an 8-year traction battery warranty and the My Renault app connected. 

Check out our range of used Renault Zoes at Cargiant! 


Volkswagen Golf

Another used EV for under £30K is the electric Golf. The electric Volkswagen Golf is built to last. Quiet and enjoyable to drive, this electric VW stands out from its petrol and diesel counterparts with covered grilles, LED lights and unique wheels. This spacious car can fit up to four adults comfortably and the big boot makes it a great option for people who travel often or for families.

Check out our range of used electric Volkswagen Golfs at Cargiant!


Hyundai Ioniq

Equipped and ready for anything, the Hyundai Ioniq is practical with a large amount of interior space. The Hyundai Ioniq has a large number of features which come as standard. This includes adaptive cruise control, DAB radio, reversing cameras and Bluetooth. Looking at the range, the Hyundai Ioniq EV has a range of up to 194 miles and can be recharged to 80% in just 57 minutes. 

Check out our range of used electric Hyundai Ioniq at Cargiant! 


BMW i3

This is a BMW like no other! The BMW i3 is a futuristic-looking car that is an enjoyable drive car that is nippy and easy to park. A similar size to the Volkswagen Polo, the BMW i3 is equipped with an automatic gearbox making it faster and quieter than other cars of its size. 

Check out our range of used BMW i3s at Cargiant! 


MINI Electric

The Mini Electric has the same feeling that MINI is famous for but it's fully electric. Nip around town with this efficient and practical car that has great handling and zero emissions. This EV has a range of 145 miles and over 11,000 public charging points! The Mini Electric has an 8.8” display that gives you live traffic updates and allows you to easily find your nearest charging point!

Check out our range of used MINI Electrics at Cargiant! 


Peugeot e-2008

The Peugeot e-2008 is an electric SUV with a lot to offer. Equipped with a lot of technology such as the PEUGEOT I-Cockpit 3D the Peugeot e-2008 guarantees a fantastic driving experience. With a few different models on offer, including the Allure Premium+ and Active Premium+, find a Peugeot e-2008 that matches your driving style. This compact and versatile SUV has a range of 214 miles on a full charge. 

Check out our range of used Peugeot e-2008 at Cargiant.


Peugeot e-208

If you are looking for a city car, check out the Peugeot e-208. With a distinctive design, the e-208 “is the embodiment of the mobility revolution”. Just like its SUV counterpart, the e-208 is filled with technology to make the journey smooth and simple. With a range of up to 225 miles, the e-208 will not disappoint.

Check out our range of used Peugeot e-208s at Cargiant! 


Tesla Model 3

Our last car for under £30K is the Tesla Model 3! The Tesla Model 3 is a classic electric car with a premium feel. These impressive EVs have a long-range and technology like no other. Tesla is known for their quick charging times. At a Supercharger station, add a few hundred miles of range in just 30 mins. The interior has a large amount of space for families and is a comfortable drive! 

Check out our range of used Tesla Model 3s at Cargiant! 


Volkswagen ID.3

Rated as one of the best electric family cars, the Volkswagen ID.3 has an impressive amount of interior space, a good infotainment system and great range and charging times. Technology on the ID.3 includes Keyless Advanced entry. The ID.3 recognises your approach with the key. “Welcome to the new electric era”!

Check out our range of used Volkswagen ID.3s at Cargiant! 


And there you have it, 10 of the best used electric cars for you to buy under £30K! Check out our full range of used electric cars and find your perfect EV today! For more tips and tricks, check out our blog page or give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook.

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