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Selling a Modified Car: How to Secure the Best Price

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Making modifications on cars is increasingly popular. Some of the most popular modifications range from suspension upgrades, sports seats and turbochargers to complete new body kits from aftermarket customisers such as the Range Rover Urban, Kahn or Overfinch. Whilst many of these modifications can add value to your car, there are some which will actually reduce the price you get for it when you come to sell. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to secure the best price when selling a modified car. 

Selling Privately vs Selling Through A Dealership 

Selling a modified car can be difficult, especially when the modifications cannot be reversed,  and they are often sold privately to drivers who don’t mind the changes you’ve made to it.


However, selling a modified car privately can be very time consuming, especially if you don’t know what the value of the car is. At Cargiant, selling your modified car doesn’t need to be complicated. Enter your reg number and current mileage. One of our vehicle specialists will discuss the condition of the vehicle over the phone. 


Some modifications are more extreme than others. However, most modifications have the ability to reduce the value of your vehicle. These typically include:


  • Adding additional badges or stripes 
  • Upgrading alloy wheels and brake discs 
  • Installations including a sunroof and superchargers 
  • Changing/upgrading the dashboard and upholstery


However, not all modifications bring down the value of your car. Modifications including high-performance cold air intakes, dual exhausts, lowering suspension and wrapping can increase the value of your car. Because modifications are usually personal choices, whether the price increases or decreases is up to the dealership. 

Illegal Modifications

When selling your modified car, it’s important to check that any modifications which were made are not illegal. Illegal modifications include: 

  • Tint applied to headlights or windows.
  • Blue coloured bulbs, imitating emergency vehicles.
  • Exhaust no louder than 74 decibels.
  • Nitrous Oxide used in the engine.
  • Modifications made to the spoiler which are not securely fastened or have exposed sharp edges. 


If your vehicle has any of these modifications, this can cause the vehicle to not be roadworthy. These will also dramatically reduce the value of your vehicle. 


Some notable examples of modifications that affect the resale value of your car include: 

  • Wonky wheels 
  • Stanced cars
  • Exhaust mods
  • Car eyelashes
  • Decals such as flames
  • Underbody neon lights
  • Spoilers
  • Custom number plate
  • Flags


Custom interiors, beaded seat covers and dashboard accessories are the least likely to affect the saleability.

Interested in selling your modified vehicle? Enter your reg plate and mileage and get started on your free valuation today! For more guides and information, check out our blog or follow us on Instagram and Facebook