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Londoners Being Driven to ULEZ Compliant Cars Despite Opposition to NEW ULEZ Expansion Plans

| In Motoring News

Whilst 80% of Londoners surveyed disagree with plans to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone to include outer London, 61% say that the news has made them more likely to upgrade to a ULEZ compliant car.

A new study we ran recently surveyed almost 1,000 London drivers and the overall reaction to the news to expand ULEZ has been overwhelmingly negative.

The new plan is a bid to try and improve the air quality of the capital by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who has asked TfL to discuss proposals for expanding the ULEZ next August. The original Ultra Low Emission Zone covering central London only was introduced in 2019 but 82% of those surveyed disagree that this had a positive impact on their lives.

With ​​the greatest number of health issues related to air pollution occurring in outer London areas rather than inner, the expansion plans aim to tackle this and scrappage schemes, grants, discounts and exemptions have been launched to try and aid the transition.

Despite this help, 83% of drivers surveyed think the £12.50 daily charge is unfair and one of the main criticisms has been that many small London businesses were "very worried about the future of their businesses" as a result of the "additional cost burden”.

Despite the opposition to the ULEZ expansion, most drivers say that this will not change the amount they visit Greater London and 64% said they would not consider moving house because of it.

It seems as though London drivers, whether or not through necessity, are going to adapt to the new ULEZ expansion plans, as they did the original plans, despite opposition to it. Rather than changing their driving habits or where they live, they’re looking to upgrade to ULEZ complaint cars. But what actually is a ULEZ compliant car?

ULEZ Compliant Cars

When travelling within the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), cars need to meet minimum emissions standards or pay a daily charge of £12.50.

Before making any tips into the ULEZ, it's important to check whether you need to pay or your car is exempt. To check, use the TFL ULEZ checker. Fines for not paying the ULEZ can range from £80 to £160. 

Some of the most popular ULEZ compliant cars include: 

  • Nissan Leaf 
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Audi A3 Sportback 
  • Ford Fiesta 
  • Seat Ibiza

Classic cars can also be ULEZ exempt. They may be exempt if they fall into the historical vehicle tax. This often includes cars that were built over 40 years ago. It's important to check that your classic car falls under the category before making any trips to the ULEZ. You may also need to register your classic car to make sure that you will not be charged. The exemption can also apply to vehicles that are used for commercial purposes that are also over 40 years old. This included coffee vans and food trucks. 

Data in Full

*Data was collected via Cargiant Instagram story polls - November 2022



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Will this news make you more likely to upgrade to a ULEZ compliant car?




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