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ULEZ Expansion - cargiant picks

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Hello everyone!! Hope you have all been well and staying safe. With everything getting back to ‘normality’ of sorts, there is probably one thing we hoped would be scrapped during lockdown…the ULEZ Expansion

It’s crazy to think about how quickly time has flown by with the ULEZ expansion coming in just under 3 months, on October 25th! It feels like yesterday when this had been announced originally, but then again, the majority of this time was with us in lockdown or working from home. The 3 years really have just flown by.

With ULEZ in place there has actually been a reduction of nitrogen dioxide in the central zone by 44%, saving around 12,300 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Ultimately helping improve the quality of air and overall health and wellbeing of those who live, work and travel within the ULEZ zone. You can see how this actually helps everyone as I’m sure we all know at least 1 person that works in the ULEZ zone and others that live in that zone also.

Now we know it can be frustrating having to change your vehicle early due to the ULEZ expansion but, we do need to acknowledge that this is for the better of the city. I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys that feel of fresh, clean air, you know that feeling too, when you get out of the plane on holiday or even when you drive out to the lake district.

Some of you may have already exchanged your car in the meantime and are ready for the expansion, some of you may not even get anything and just stick to using TfL. Regardless, we put together something with our top picks for you, giving you until October 24th to find your new vehicle. October 25th will obviously be the day you collect your car 😉.

Now for those of you looking for a nice, small, efficient, all-around car with good value for money, we have 2 options that we would recommend; the Seat Ibiza and the Ford Fiesta.

Seat IbizaFord Fiesta

Anyone in need of something bigger but not too big as you are not looking to do chauffeuring…. yet. We have the BMW 3-Series and the Tesla Model 3.

BMW 3-SeriesTesla Model 3

Now if you aren’t a fan of having a saloon-type car and prefer the shape of a 5-door hatch but want to be driving at a slightly higher up angle, we have the Volvo XC40 and the Nissan Qashqai.

Volvo XC40Nissan Qashqai

But then again, you may want to drive around with some more presence, having the family or anyone else enjoy the drive comfortably, we have the Land Rover Discovery and the BMW X5.

Land Rover DiscoveryBMW X5

Let us know what other cars you would add to this list that are worth having a looking at whilst comparing options.

Tune in for our next post where we discuss hybrid and electric car options you can consider. You can catch up with our last blog where we picked out our top 5 hybrids also, you may find an option for you to consider here.

We hope you enjoyed this read!!

Thank you!


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