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Top 6 Places to Visit Around London By Car

Top 6 Places to Visit Around London By Car

If you’ve had a stressful week at work, fancy getting out of the city or fancy doing something different for a change then a drive out of the city. Don’t spend too long deciding where to go; we have taken the time to find our top 6 destinations near to London so you can choose one and go drive.

Epping Forest

Epping Forest is a short 45 minute drive from Central London and offers you the chance to relax without the blare of angry car horns. Epping Forrest is the perfect place for a picnic and scenic walks. Most of your drive will be through London and its suburbs, so the quiet of the forest will be a great relief. There are over 100 lakes within the Forest some of which allow fishing; so whether you enjoy casting off or just dipping your toes you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation session amongst the ancient trees.

While you are in the area we recommend having a look at Queens Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge, it was built in 1543 and tends to be the focal point of any events in the area.  If you fancy some good old fashioned pub grub, we suggest a 15 minute drive to The Woodman in Ongar. The rustic pub dating from 1674 has a simple menu but will satisfy your craving for simple but tasty food.

This will cost you approximately £3.60 in fuel to drive from Central London to Epping Forest.

Hatfield House

Source: Allan Engelhardt

Taking just an hour to drive to, Hatfield House is a stunning house built in 1611, found within a large well-kept park. It will take you a day to explore the house and its grounds, the gardens are kept pristine all year round but they are best explored in the summer months. If you want a touch of class away from the smoky city then this is the destination for you.

The village of Hatfield is worth visiting if you have the time after looking around the house and its grounds. This typically quaint English village, is worlds away from the rush of Oxford Street!

It will cost you approximately £4.00 in fuel to drive here from Central London.

Hever Castle

A hours drive will bring you to this stunning castle, it looks as grand outside as it does inside and will give you a glimpse of luxury before your drive home! The drive here takes you through some lovely countryside before you reach the Castle; enjoy the view of fields whilst you can. Take yourself back to ancient times, with an opportunity to explore this centuries old castle.

While visiting this Castle and its grounds you must check out the Yew Maze that is in the grounds, it is a unique maze that is kept in top shape by the dedicated team of gardeners.

At today’s prices it will cost you around £8.00 in fuel to drive here from Central London.


Recently voted Britain’s 4th best place to live, this Seaside town should take you just over an hour to drive to. The drive down is hard to beat as you leave London and are transported to the sleepy seaside town and catch your first sight of the ocean.

If you find yourself visiting in September then make sure to take a look at the Leigh Regatta, the splendid event will have you feeling that your day was well spent! If visiting Leigh during another month then you can take a tour of the area via boat. 

This trip would cost you about £7.00 in fuel.


A drive to this slice of Olde World England should take you around 1 hour 15 minutes. The drive down takes you past some quaint and typically English villages before you reach your beautiful destination. Cambridge has some of the best restaurants outside of London and a great selection of great locations to soak up the culture of this famous University City.

Whilst in the city we recommend taking punting tour on the River Cam, on a bright and sunny day; relaxing on a boat whilst floating past the impressive university buildings can make you question why you would want to be anywhere else!

A journey to Cambridge from Central London will cost you approximately £11.00 at today’s prices.


Source: Fenliokao

Brighton has for centuries been the destination of choice for Londoners looking to get out of the city for the day. A drive down in your car should take around 1 hour 30 minutes; the journey will take you through the rolling Brighton Downs and over the cliffs to give you a stunning view of the sea.

Once you have parked your car, Brighton Pier is a must-see attraction and has been for centuries! The Royal Pavilion is located in central Brighton and is another place you must visit during your time here. Construction started in 1787 and the result of years of work is amazing to behold. You must explore the Lanes, Brighton Marina and Devils Dyke during your time here.

A drive here from London will take cost you around £10.00.

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