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The Best Used Cars for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

| In Motoring Advice

Ah, the zombie apocalypse – the stuff of nightmares and Hollywood blockbusters. While it remains a scenario largely confined to the realm of fiction, it's always interesting to ponder the best methods of survival in case such an event does transpire. And, since cars play a pivotal role in modern-day life, it's crucial to know which used cars are best equipped to carry you through the hordes of undead with grace and reliability. 

That’s why, with Halloween nearly upon us, we’ve decided to have a bit of fun and select the best-used cars for surviving a zombie apocalypse. Take a look below at our choices!

Land Rover Defender

The epitome of British engineering prowess, the Land Rover Defender, is synonymous with rugged durability. Its design language screams practicality, offering high ground clearance and a sturdy frame that can easily handle off-road terrains. This is particularly useful for avoiding congested motorways, which would likely be clogged with abandoned vehicles and, quite possibly, hordes of zombies. The Defender's interior is also spacious enough to house essential supplies, from canned goods to medical kits, making it a self-contained sanctuary on wheels. 

Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 offers a compelling blend of safety, luxury, and reliability. Hailing from Sweden, this vehicle is tailor-made for families or larger groups. The XC90 features state-of-the-art safety technology, such as airbags at every conceivable point and sophisticated crumple zones to absorb impact. In a world overrun by zombies, safety features like these could make a critical difference. Additionally, the car is large enough to comfortably accommodate seven people, ensuring that you can bring along everyone who's dear to you, as well as the all-important survival gear.

Ford Ranger Raptor

The Ford Ranger Raptor stands as a behemoth among pick-up trucks. It's designed with a sporty edge, capable of high performance without compromising durability. This American-born truck brings something different to the table: raw power. Imagine rampaging through a sea of zombies, your car absorbing the shocks as its robust suspension tackles the rough ground. The added benefit of storage space in the back means you can pack it with all the essentials: food, water, and perhaps a cricket bat or two for close encounters.



For those who yearn for a bit of sophistication even at the end of the world, the BMW X5 has you covered. This German-made vehicle offers an all-wheel-drive system robust enough to tackle rough terrains but with the added comfort of luxurious interiors. In a world where the luxuries of modern living have vanished, the leather seats and premium sound system of an X5 could provide a brief yet comforting escape from the harsh realities outside your windows. But don't let its stylish façade fool you; the X5 is no slouch when it comes to performance and can help you escape from any tight spots with a flourish.

Audi Q7

This Audi offers a plush interior without sacrificing performance. With seating for seven and a strong focus on safety features, it is well-suited for families looking for a reliable yet comfortable getaway car. The Q7’s all-wheel-drive capabilities ensure that you won’t be left stranded, regardless of the terrain or the number of zombies on your tail.

Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is an American icon that's enjoyed popularity in the UK as well. With military origins, it's built to withstand severe conditions and challenging terrains. Its compact design allows for exceptional manoeuvrability, a key advantage when dodging zombies and navigating through the ruins of civilization. Furthermore, it can be easily modified with extra armour or storage solutions, allowing you to customise it to meet the specific challenges of a zombie apocalypse.


There you have it—the definitive list of used cars for surviving a zombie apocalypse. Each car offers a unique blend of features, whether it's the rugged capability of the Land Rover Defender, the reliable safety of the Volvo XC90, or the speed and storage offered by the Ford Ranger Raptor. Regardless of your choice, remember: in a zombie apocalypse, it’s not just the car that counts, but also your ability to drive it under extreme conditions. So, as they say, keep calm and carry on driving. And perhaps brush up on those defensive driving skills while you're at it. You never know when they might come in handy.