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Best Car Podcasts 2024

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Whether you're a mechanic at heart, a collector of classics, or simply someone who enjoys a good drive, this list promises to keep you entertained and informed throughout the year. These are the top 20 car podcasts of 2024

1. The Collecting Cars Podcast

The Collect Cars Podcast is one of the leading automotive podcasts hosted by Chris Harris along with fellow 'Collecting Addicts' Edward Lovett, Manish Pandey, Neil Clifford and Chris Cooper. This eclectic bunch gather online weekly to discuss all things automotive, from the minutiae of best glove boxes to the latest happenings in top-tier motorsport. They answer burning questions from listeners, debate the best and worst from the car world over the decades, and make time for regular features including ‘Two Car Garage’ and ‘Driving Tunes’.

2. Car Chat

Sam Moores hosts the Car Chat podcast featuring interviews with familiar and interesting faces from the automotive world. It’s a great pick for those who enjoy hearing stories and insights directly from industry insiders and enthusiasts.

3. B Squad Hotrod

A real-life account of building cars from garages, home shops, and driveways, The B Squad Hotrod podcast is for the DIY enthusiast and amateur mechanic. It's about the 'Meat and Bolts' of car restoration, shared by a relatable group of hobbyists.

4. Smith and Sniff

TV presenter and Youtuber Jonny Smith and Sniff Petrol creator Richard Porter talk about cars and many other things in the Smith and Sniff podcast. Their conversations are as informative as they are entertaining, offering a unique take on the automotive world.

5. Everyday Driver Car Debate

Paul and Todd from "Everyday Driver" offer their expertise to help listeners find the right car for their needs. Expect a mix of disagreement, debate, and discussions on the car industry, making it a comprehensive podcast for car buyers and enthusiasts. New episodes are released every Tuesday & Friday and are 45 minutes to an hour long

6. The Motoring Podcast

Alan Bradley and Andrew Clews share their car and motoring news opinions weekly, delivering content that ranges between 40 to 60 minutes. The Motoring Podcast is perfect for those looking for a comprehensive take on the latest in the automotive world, including exclusive extra content created by the hosts.

7. The Smoking Tire

Join Matt Farah and Zack Klapman as they discuss automotive industry news, racing, projects, and more with a variety of guests from automotive icons to comedians. The Smoking Tire podcast is a blend of insightful conversation and entertaining banter, making it a must-listen for car enthusiasts.

8. Hooniverse

Dedicated to cars, trucks, life, and everything in between, the Hooniverse Podcast explores the intersection of automotive culture and everyday life. Expect rambling episodes filled with diverse topics from beer and travel to dogs, all through the lens of car enthusiasts.

9. Car Talk NPR

America’s funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners, offering advice and laughs in equal measure on the CAr Talk NPR podcast. Even if you know nothing about cars, you'll love this weekly hour of automotive humour and wisdom.

10. Under the Hood

Labelled as the best car podcast and car repair show on YouTube, Under the Hood offers free automotive advice and how-to videos. The hosts, working car mechanics, share their knowledge to help you save money on auto repairs.

11. Driving While Awesome

Part of the Hagerty Podcast Network, the Driving While Awsome podcast stars experts in automotive opinion discussing cars and random topics of all types. If you're into inexpensive sports cars from the '80s and '90s, this podcast is for you.

12. Car Bros

Your definitive source for high-octane automotive lifestyle videos, Car Bros is by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. This podcast promises entertainment and enlightenment in equal measure.

13. Past Gas by Donut Media

James Pumphrey, Nolan Sykes, and Joe Weber take you through the incredible stories behind your favourite cars and manufacturers on the Past Gas podcast. Expect to be thoroughly entertained and informed as they delve into the history and culture of automotive excellence.

14. Adventure Rider Radio

A pioneer in motorcycle podcasting, Adventure Rider Radio delivers high-quality content that rivals traditional broadcasting networks. It's perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for adventure and insight into the riding world.

15. My First Car

Dan and Geoff share their passion for cars through stories about their first cars, discussions on the latest car news, and interviews that celebrate the automotive lifestyle on the My First Car podcast. It’s a heartwarming and relatable journey into the world of cars.

16. The Intercooler

Covering all things cars, driving, and motorsport, The Intercooler podcast by Dan Prosser and Andrew Frankel offers insightful commentary on the latest car news. A must-listen for motorsport fans and car enthusiasts alike.

17. The AutoAlex Podcast

Dive into the automotive adventures that YouTube doesn’t show with The AutoAlex Podcast. This show offers behind-the-scenes discussions on road trips, car deals, and unforgettable automotive moments.

18. The Carmudgeon Show

Jason Cammisa and Derek Tam-Scott, two car enthusiasts curmudgeonly beyond their years, host The Carmudgeon Show, a comedic, informative podcast. Despite their attempts to keep things negative, their love for cars shines through, making for an enjoyable listen.

19. Rusty's Garage

Greg Rust talks to passionate riders, drivers, designers, and collectors, sharing stories about the machines they've owned, raced, crashed, and restored on the Rusty's Garage podcast.

20. Some Say

Ben Collins, formerly known as the man in the white suit, shares fascinating car stories in his Some Say podcast, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in cars and motorsport.


For anyone passionate about cars, this list promises to keep your playlists full and your drives interesting throughout 2024. Tune in, enjoy the ride, and discover a new favourite podcast along the way. Happy listening!


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