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Our car mad customers bought almost 50,000 motors from us in the past year alone. From saloons to hatchbacks, hybrids to 4x4s, we’ve matched each one with their perfect model. But to help you find the right set of wheels for you, we thought we’d share the top five best sellers!

BMW 3 Series

 With over four generations leading the market, it’s no wonder that the BMW 3 Series takes first place on our list, selling nearly 2,500 vehicles. The award-winning design was given a face lift in mid-2015, with updated bumpers and lights, along with brand new engines and a revamped interior. This four door saloon beautifully balances the smooth driving experience and low running costs of a family car with the sleek styling and cutting edge technological features of an upmarket model. With so much to offer, it’s no surprise that it came out on top as your favourite.

Volkswagen Golf

With over 2,000 Golf’s driving off the Cargiant tarmac, it speeds onto our list as a strong runner up. This iconic hatchback has been setting the standard in its class and, now in its seventh generation, is still leaving its rivals in the dust. Despite its higher price tag, the Golf has so much to offer in way of value. Its lightweight design, along with the efficient diesel and petrol engines make it a favourite amongst green buyers, while the impressive interiors and sophisticated driving experience sets its refined reputation in stone. 

Mercedes C Class

Skidding into third place, with just over 2,000 sales to its name is the Mercedes C Class. If you’re looking for a compact executive model with enough understated style to turn heads, then this is a solid contender. With fierce competition from the likes of the Jaguar XE, Audi A4 and, of course, the BMW 3 Series, the C Class still manages to define itself as one of the best on the market. Its extensive offering of economical diesel engines, luxurious interiors and unrivalled comfort ensures the C Class remains a driving force in its field.

Vauxhall Astra

Since its launch in 1979, there has rarely been a hatchback that delivers more in style and aesthetics than the Vauxhall Astra. And you agree too, with our customers snapping up around 1,800 of these motor masterpieces. The British motoring giant have gone out of their way to make sure there is an Astra that appeals to every driver, with 10 different engine choices to pick from, along with 10 trim levels to suit every taste. However, the Astra is so much more than just a pretty face, with its secure handling, smooth ride and spacious interior matching its style with plenty of substance.

BMW 1 Series


It seems that you can’t resist BMW’s charms, with the 1 Series marking the manufacturer’s second appearance on our list. The recent 2015 update brings so much more appeal to the model, even with its divisive exterior design. The 1 Series now boasts an increased power output over its predecessor, along with the debut of efficient three-cylinder engines and a robust kit list that nudges its way alongside the likes of the Ford Focus and SEAT Leon in terms of value. The new model has been so successful that it accounts for around 20% of the manufacturer’s UK sales, with Cargiant customers clocking up just over 1,700 for themselves.

 In terms of colour, our customers broke away from convention. In 2014, almost a quarter of new cars registered were white, making it the most popular choice for UK drivers. Cargiant customers preferred to go in the opposite direction though, with over 14,000 of you opting for the classic black look. Silver came in second, with just over 9,000 sales, closely followed by grey, with over 8,500.