Cargiant receives the HAT Award

Cargiant gets's seal of approval with a HAT Award

We're delighted to have been recognised as a Highly Approved Trader and awarded an HAT Award.

Customer service is important to us and we're proud to have been recognised for the efforts we make to help each and everyone of our customers.

A bit about us and about HATs offers advice on anything from technical matters to car reviews for car owners and people looking to buy a vehicle. Honest John has always championed the motorist and aims to give drivers greater confidence when it comes to cars – and this extends to dealing with the trade.

‘HAT’ stands for Highly Approved Trader, and we at present these awards to recognise best practice within the UK motor trade. HAT Awards are only provided to businesses that we feel go the extra mile for their customers and who provide excellent services to motorists. They are for businesses that Honest John would recommend himself. All winners represent reliable, high quality service and excellent value for money.

Administration Fees

To ensure we can offer all our customers the best value we have tailored our administration fee to our customers individual circumstances. This fee is a compulsory fee and applies to all our cars depending on your below circumstances:

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