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Cargiant nominated for Best SME Contact Centre Solution Award

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Cargiant nominated for Best SME Contact Centre Solution

Cargiant is proud to have been nominated for best SME Contact Centre Solution at the Comms National Business Awards!

Now in our 40th year, Cargiant has a long-established reputation for innovation. We pioneered the idea of a car supermarket back in the 1970s and this has helped us keep ahead of competitors over the years. We are always looking at new ways of engaging with customers and delivering added value. We’ve recently upgraded our Customer Service Engagement with the help of 365IT one of the UK’s leading infrastructure technology companies.

The upgrade will allow us to keep our customers and prospects continuously informed, both online and on the forecourt, about the latest car and offers available. We can also now view and track all incoming and outgoing communications which enables us to identify trends and ensure that customers are getting the best possible service in-line with industry guidelines.

One of the benefits of the system is that when a customer calls, we’re now able to see caller ID information in real-time. This means we can deal with calls much more quickly and resolve queries faster which helps us to achieve much higher levels of customer satisfaction. 

The new system is also connected to our CRM solution, and that means that for the first time, caller ID information is made available to the agent in real-time as the customer phones in. We can bring in information from our customer database to help the advisor, so we know who the caller is, at what stage of the purchase they are and that capability is further enhanced by the use of on-screen pop-ups which alert agents to relevant caller information. All of this allows us to deal with calls more quickly, resolve queries much faster and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction. We‘ve already reduced the average duration of contact centre calls by 28%.

We will keep you updated on how we get on at the awards later this month. 

Read our award-nominated case study here.