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Cargiant Delivers Award Winning Customer Service

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Cargiant Team Deliver Award Winning Customer Service 

At Cargiant we don’t just pride ourselves on delivering a huge range of quality cars at the best possible price. Our team are always looking for ways to improve the high standard of care that our customers have come to know and love at Cargiant.

Each and every car on sale at Cargiant, whether you see it on our website, or on our 14 acre site (which is equivalent to 30 football pitches or if you prefer, 720 tennis courts) has already gone through a rigorous process of checks and counter checks to ensure it is available in tip top condition and is sold at the best, and most competitive price.

We’ve developed a rigorous multi-point checking process for each car, with departments dedicated to checking and counter checking everything from the mechanics, the systems, paintwork, MOT and service details, right through to professional valeting.

Cargiant is Award Winning

Over the last 40 years however, we haven’t just focused on delivering the right cars at the best possible price.

Since 1976 the team have also worked hard to ensure that our customer service standards are the best in the industry.

Already in 2016 we have won numerous awards, including one of the most prestigious in the automotive industry, The Motor Trader, Highly Commended, Used Car Retailer of the Year and the Honest John, Highly Approved Trader Award.

“In 2007, when we made it to the Guinness Worlds Records as the World’s Largest Dealership, we couldn’t have been more pleased. It signified our hard work and dedication to the business”, comments Peter Crouch, Cargiant’s’ Development Manager, adding, “but we wouldn’t have been able to grow it to this scale without strong commitment to customer care. A Cargiant customer expects giant quality, giant savings and great service”.

Launching The Cargiant Customer Care Awards – as voted by you the customer!

Every day Cargiant listens to their customers via independently created surveys and review sites.

Each Cargiant customer is also given the opportunity to give feedback on their experience of Cargiant by completing the Cargiant Customer Survey and ultimately scoring Cargiant from 1 to 10 across each of the customer facing departments. This information is used by Cargiant to improve every aspect of the customer experience.

So, to celebrate over 40 years of outstanding achievement across the Cargiant team, we’re launching the Cargiant Customer Care Awards.

“In the last few months our customers have increasingly been telling us how well our team have performed and how much they would like to thank them. Now via the awards we can share their achievements with a wider audience. We couldn’t be more thrilled for the awarded Individuals – they deserve the recognition”, says Peter Crouch.

Each month 5 individuals will be commended for achieving high standards of customer care, as measured by Cargiant’s Customers, across our 3 Sales areas, Collections and Car Finance departments.

We will be announcing the Cargiant Customer Care Award winners June’s 2016 later this week and we hope you’ll join us in congratulating our five winners.