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VW Golf vs VW Polo

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It’s very rare that a manufacturer creates two genuine and distinct rivals. The Volkswagen Golf and Polo are both equally unique and incredible.

The VW Polo, giving is marginally smaller than the VW Golf but apart from size there’s very little to tell apart between the popular hatchbacks.

We compare our range of VW Polo to the older brother Golf to help you decide which one of these top cars you’ll be driving home from Cargiant.


While both models have kept their distinct looks over the last decade, unsurprisingly their shape and design have undergone the necessary facelifts, albeit subtle ones, to keep them up to speed with the times.

Cargiant’s most popular Polo is the Polo Match Edition, a slightly sportier option than the other models, but with touches of luxury as well. There’s the striking gloss black door pillars and chromed grille trim, darkened rear windows and standard 15-inch alloy wheels.

Newer models of the Polo now feature a rear spoiler, and the top of the rear lights have a shoulder line that runs along the length of the car and connects with the front lights.

The Golf in true big brother fashion is considerably less boastful. The hugely popular TDi SE looks a lot more mature – subtle flair creeps through the LED lights of the newer models with animated ‘Knight Rider’ style rear clusters.

Aesthetically, the Golf really does embody its title as the best compact family hatchback.

Drive & Performance

When it comes to drive and performance, either one of the Golf or Polo will leave you spoilt for choice as there are a range of different engines to choose from. Whether you want a diesel, petrol or hybrid engine – there really is something for every driver.

Starting with the Golf, the range kicks off an 84bhp 1.0-litre TSI petrol engine, thanks to a turbocharger this is increase to a more respectable 109bhp. This makes make perfect sense though, since the model is suited to town driving and rural roads.

The 123bhp 1.4 version promises an effortless drive combined with mid-range power to satisfy most drivers, if you’re after something more exhilarating then we’d suggest you keep your eyes out for something from the GTI editions or range topping R model.

The Polo does its best to keep up too, starting with the 1.2 litre turbo petrol options, you’ll get that punchy acceleration you’d expect and you can expect to do it with ease with Volkswagen’s excellent seven speed, dual clutch automatic gearbox.

There’s a frugal 1.4 turbo petrol engine that will save you slightly extra and a high performance 1.8 litre turbo GTI model.

You can also find a select number of hybrid Golfs from our Cargiant range, including the 1.4 TSi GTE hatch that reach a top speed of 138mph.


Again, apart from size there really isn’t much to separate the two cars when it comes to the interior. Volkswagen makes an effort to keep the cabin design and functionality pretty consistent across all its ranges.

Distinctive and solidly built, both the Polo and Golf firmly adhere to VW’s concept of simplicity and practicality. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in them though, both models can come packed with plenty of technology including an Active Info Display in place of traditional dials, an infotainment system which ranges from 6.5 in the Polo to a whopping 12.3 inches in the Golf.

DAB digital radio and Bluetooth is standard with plenty of the ranges at Cargiant.

Basically, you get exactly what you get in the Polo in the Golf, just with extra cabin space.


Both the Polo and Golf are priced competitively, and when you consider the Volkswagen’s reputation they really do hold their value incredibly well.

Fuel economy is also competitive, especially for the petrol engines. 1.2 petrol manages a commendable 47.4mpg for the average driver and the 1.4 diesel impresses with a return of 56.2 mpg.

Finding the best car for you doesn’t have to be difficult, and with the vast range of Polos and Golfs available at Cargiant you will enjoy exploring the different options until you find something that’s perfect for you.

Why not book a test drive and start your search today.