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Top 6 Excellent Bargain Used Convertibles for Under £15k

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There comes a time in each of our lives when we long to be cruising along in the summer sun with our hair blowing in the wind. Convertibles for many are a romantic idea but are often dismissed because they are considered too impractical. These days that simply is not the case; today convertibles do not need to be expensive or impractical. Here are 6 bargain used convertibles for under £15,000.

Please note; any performance statistics are from the manufacturer, a used car is likely to have differing performance statistics.

Smart ForTwo Convertible

As the smallest convertible used car you can buy, you know you are getting value for money with this little town car. This convertible only has 2 seats and very limited storage space so it would be perfect for someone who lives in a city and doesn’t plan on ferrying passengers around often! While the Smart Cabriolet does not handle well and its engine may leave a bit to be desired; its low impact on your finances should balance out any performance drawbacks you may find.

Key Facts:

Time to open roof - 10 seconds

0–60mph – 15 seconds

Top speed - 90 mph

Average mpg - 64

You can expect to pay around £5,000 - £7,000

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Mini Convertible 1.6 Cooper

The Mini has been a very well established brand on UK roads for many generations, and the convertible models of their Coopers are as stylish as they are cheap. First introduced in 2004, the convertible models of the beloved Mini have continued to grow in popularity. They are fun to drive and handle well; these cars are an all-round solid choice.

Key Facts:

Time to open roof - 20 seconds

0–60mph - 9.8 secs

Top speed - 123 mph

Average mpg - 49.6

You can expect to pay between £8,000 - £12,000

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Peugeot 207 CC Convertible

This stylish and comfortable offering from Peugeot proves that you can get an impressive convertible for less than £10,000. Featuring a slick and modern style this is quality on a budget. This convertible handles excellently and is a pleasure to drive, the interior is splendid and it comes with a 5 star NCAP rating.

Key Facts:

Time to open roof – 20 seconds

0–60mph – 12 seconds

Top speed – 120 mph

Average mpg – 38

You can expect to pay around £7,000 - £9,000

With 4 seats and a heritage any manufacturer would envy; the VW Golf Convertible is an excellent choice of used car for a balance between fun and cool. For extra piece of mind, it’s good to know that like all VWs this used convertible is solid and reliable. The quietness of the Golf when the roof is down is impressive when compared to its noisier rivals. Unlike most convertible versions of popular models, this Golf performs very similarly to its older brother, the Golf hatchback.

Key Facts:

Time to open roof – 9.5 seconds

0–60mph – 8.4 seconds

Top speed – 134 mph

Average mpg – 44.8

You can expect to pay around £11,000 - £13,000

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BMW 1 Series Convertible

This is BMWs smallest convertible but it gives drivers a real punch of power. The performance of this BMW is almost unmatched by its convertible rivals, its performance will have you smiling at the wheel. The ride is comfortable and smooth, but you know that with just a little squeeze of the right pedal you’ll have all the adrenaline you need. All round this is an exciting used car to drive and travel in. although sitting at the top end of your £15,000 budget, its performance is worthy of your money.

Key Facts:

Time to open roof – 22 seconds

0–60mph – 8.2 seconds

Top speed – 379 mph

Average mpg – 51.4

You can expect to pay around £12,000 - £15,000

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Audi A3 Convertible

This Audi convertible is a real pleasure to drive. A drive in it will have you forgetting that it is a convertible; the handling and performance are really that good. The A3 is a very smart and stylish car anyway, but the convertible model adds to the style and leaves any passenger with a real sense of refinement. The usual shaking and rattling that comes with driving a convertible is hard to notice in the A3 which is a real bonus as anyone lucky enough to drive a convertible will tell you. Simply put, buy this car if you can afford it.

Key Facts:

Time to open roof – 18 seconds

0–60mph – 12.2 seconds

Top speed – 118 mph

Average mpg – 65.7

You can expect to pay around £12,000 - £15,000

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