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The Top 5 Cheapest Used Cars

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It’s not very often you can boast about buying something at the cheapest price, especially when it comes to a car. At Cargiant, we’ve done pretty well to dispel that notion, in fact when it comes to used cars we’re smart shoppers just like you. Our buyers are constantly on the hunt for the best price across all makes and models. Finding the lowest price for a particular model or trim you want is always guaranteed a victory lap around our record-breaking premises.

So, you’re looking for something reliable, easy to run and still oozes subtle style in its simplicity? Well, with the help of our expert team, we’ve done some frugal digging so you spend less time deliberating over all the extra but crucial details and more time behind the wheels.

Here are our top picks of used cars for sale that are not only a joy to drive but will keep insurance and servicing costs low.


Revealed at the 2011 International Motor Show Germany, Volkswagen’s answer to the ultimate city car was an instant hit with the new driver and environmentally conscious city dweller. The VW UP! as it’s more stylistically known is both robust yet doesn’t carry the aesthetic burden of most cars with this level of practicality and for a 1.0-litre Petrol engine, it’s also a very pleasant car to drive. One of the VW Up’s main virtues is its supple drive. For such a small car, it does a brilliant job of staying controlled over speed bumps at low speeds. It also deals impeccably well with the sort of gaping holes and asphaltic obstacles you’re likely to encounter either on busy high streets or residential roads. For a car that appears packed with a lot of toughness making it more street-wise, the VW Up is actually rather effective on the motorway, its 15in wheels do impressively well to respond to a sophisticated steering control. Compared to rivals such as the Hyundai i10, Seat Mii and Skoda Citigo, the Up is competitively priced, this is because along with the Hyundai they are guaranteed to hold their price better than similar models in the market.

Did we mention it also won World Car of the Year in 2012?



There is a reason the Fiesta is one of Ford’s marquees behind the Escort and the F-Series, currently in its 7th generation the Fiesta has also been the UK’s bestselling car since going on sale in 2008 and once you’ve driven one, it’s very easy to see why. It is surely one of the best hatchbacks available today and with a range of very penny-wise petrol and diesel engine, as well as good residual values, it’s a car that also ticks that cost-effective box. Unlike the other cars on our list of cheapest to buy, the Ford Fiesta probably looks the most uniform, there are no raised spirit level headlights or streamline wing panels – rather, what you get is a master class in design efficiency. Overall the Fiesta can be described as “cute, wedgy” there is a fluent detailing that reminds us that design certainly was not an afterthought. Everyone agrees the Fiesta’s strengths lies under its bonnet, the Eco-boost engines prove to be very resourceful (the 1.0T 100 is an amazing 17mpg) and most of the range is now sub-100/ km CO2. 



The Toyota Aygo is the quintessential model for the iPod generation and it’s actually quite remarkable nobody has decided to nickname it the ‘iGo’. With a compact 3 or 5 doors option and distinguishable design, the Toyota Aygo is the ideal stylish drive. The Aygo has a choice of six specification levels: Active, Active Plus, Mode, Move, Mode with Air con, and Move With Style and you’d be pleased to know that the majority come with alloys. When it comes to the drive, some might accuse this Japanese motor of being more style over substances, it’s no fault of the Aygo that it strengths come into play within tightly congested city roads. Toyota has done a good job in engineering the practical drive of the Aygo, there is a brilliant infotainment system which again reinforces its commitment to a younger generation and if you want a practical day to day car that gets you through those tight spots then the Aygo will do the job. With the Aygo also likely to retain better value than its French counterparts, you certainly get a feel that it’s a car that’s built to last.



There isn’t a lot of differences between the C1 and the Aygo, primarily because both were developed as part of the B- Zero project by PSA Peugeot Citreon in a join-venture with Toyota. If the C1 had to choose a sibling, the Peugeot 107 would be the identical twin whilst the the Aygo would the familiar cousin. Another 1.0 litre Petrol option with recent 1.2 litre additions, it is the ultimate easy drive. The Citreon C1 has an impressive acceleration, this added dose of pace couple with its streamline 860kg weight makes this car one of the most responsive and enjoyable vehicles to drive. As far as an engine in a small vehicle is concerned, this is probably the one to go for; the 1.0 litre model takes 14.3 seconds to sprint from 0-62mph, while the 1.2 litre completes the benchmark in 11 seconds flat. When you take pricing into consideration, the C1 is also the cheapest of the aforementioned trio therefore making it a winning pick if you want something relatively cheap to buy but still gives you that driving edge.



FIAT 500

It would probably be unforgivable if we compiled a list of affordable and economical cars and missed out the trendsetting Fiat 500. This Italian classic is definitely doing its bit to ignite that renaissance of retro styling along with a punchy and vibrant drive. This is yet another ideal city car and is an instant appeal for fashion-orientated buyers. It’s chic, easy to drive and its Twinair engines make it an enjoyable experience. 2017 will make it a decade since Fiat launched the new 500, it followed the path set by MINI by reinventing an iconic classic for modern times. The Fiat 500 from our top 5 also has the most diverse range of engines, starting at 1.2-litre Petrol it will notch up 0-62mph in 12.9 seconds and on the open road you can reach a top speed of 99mph. The Fiat 500 is probably the most expensive of the 5 cars on our list but it also has great value retention.


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