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BMW 5 Series Review

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In each of the 39 countries the BMW is sold, there is probably an apt explanation for what the abbreviated BMW stands for. Regardless of how we’ve come to affectionately refer to the Bavarian Motor Works Group, words like ‘class’ and ‘executive’ are also a constant association with everything this German motoring group make.

The 5 Series is the German company’s mid-range executive offering. From relatively modest beginnings it has evolved into the benchmark car for anyone who wants sophistication and luxury in a vehicle that also delivers an enjoyable driving experience.

There are only a handful of cars on the market today that are demonstrably better than all of their rivals. These include (our recent blog feature) the Volkswagen Up!, the Ford Fiesta ST, the Skoda Yeti, the Range Rover TDV8, the McLaren P1 and, of course, the BMW 5 Series.

Engine, Performance & Drive

The 5 Series, despite facing staunch competition from Audi and Mercedes, still remains one of the best executive cars to drive with only the Jaguar XF giving the 5 Series a run for its money. Performance behind the wheel is where a large proportion of the BMW’s appeal lies, thanks to its rear-wheel-drive setup which provides great refinement and brilliant pace. 

The 5 series’ impressive handling will grab the interest of any discerning driver – the steering feels naturally weighted and you’d be pleased with how responsive the wheel is. The refinement we mentioned earlier becomes more evident with the balance of the chassis making it a delight to weave through the right road and provide ease and comfort on the motorway.

The popular choice of engine from the entire BMW 5 series range is the 520D diesel. Not only is it extremely economical, it delivers on speed too. With 187bhp, 0-62mph in just 7.9 seconds would be a regular experience in a manual option or 7.7 seconds in an automatic – with top speeds mounting up to 147mph.

Pricing, Reliability & Safety

BMW came 15th out of 32 manufacturers in ‘Carbuyer’s 2016 Driver Power’ poll, an independent poll to find Britain’s best cars to own. But despite the manufacture’s mid-level ranking, the 5 Series does deliver when it comes state of the art gadgets and electronics. You’d also be pleased to learn that BMW fits all 5 Series with a mandatory safety kit, like electronic stability control and ISOFIX child-seat mounts. The clutch airbags also come with added sophistication with sensors that determine how many passengers are in the car and the severity of the accident before it deploys the airbags.

What Cargiant thinks

The 5 Series is certainly a popular choice here at Cargiant, coming 4th in our ‘quickest sellers’ ranking; it’s a highly sought after option that hardly stays in our showroom for long.

According to Hassan, one of our car experts here at Cargiant, when it comes to weighing up between a 5 series and another car, the BMW nearly always comes out on top, “there’s an excitement the customer feels right after they test drive the 5 series, I think it really just puts other cars into perspective”. It wasn’t very surprising when he added, “the 5 Series was actually the first car I ever sold”.

If you’re considering the BMW 5 series, it should be no surprise by now that it comes highly recommended by us. And with a starting price of £10,499 it really is a Christmas treat that will serve you for many years to come.


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