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Car shoppers always look to buy the best car.  Deciding which car is the best depends on what type of car you want.

We’ve put together a list of our top picks so you know exactly what car is topping its category.

Before you consider our suggestions, you might need to take a look at our used car checklist

Best family car

The Vauxhall Astra is a popular choice because it’s the sensible choice for those that are looking for a family hatchback.

There are 9 engines on offer, all offering dynamic options for various driving demands and the great handling means the ride is smooth and rough surfaces and the real fun begins when you hit the motorway.  The boot has a 370-litre carry capacity with FlexFloor, which is a moving floor feature that makes the space more versatile.

Vauxhall cars have a generally good reputation and with plenty of different trims available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for you.

The Astra continues to reaffirm itself amongst car buyers by constantly improving its features and design. This means there are plenty of options on the market, giving you more options for cheaper second hand cars.

Our Astra range

Best value cars

With an increase of car buyers looking for ways to bring down their motoring cost, drivers have become a lot more inventive with their choice of cars.

The number of electric cars on Britain’s roads has more than doubled in the past year, with just over 50,000 hybrid cars on the streets. It is evident that drivers are looking for more economical ways to get on the road.

The Mitsubushi Outlander is a large SUV and uncharacteristic hybrid, it is marvelled as the ultimate company car because it provides ultra low CO2 emissions and low car tax.

It’s also packed with innovative energy management systems and offers a sublime driving experience, since it launched in 2014, the Outlander boasts has won many plaudits for its remarkable fuel economy stats. And with a 33 mile electric range and 166 MPG, it’s clear to see why.

Our Outlander Range

Best small cars

Arguably one of the most competitive car category, the best thing about buying a small car is there are plenty of options to choose from and you won’t have to spend a fortune.

A small car for sale doesn’t necessarily mean a small engine either, former WhatCar Car of the YearAudi A1 has 1.4 TFSI engine that gives you 150 BHP.

The A1 has a firm suspension that helps to keep the car well controlled when cornering, it can reach a top speed of 127 mph and you can accelerate from 0-60 in a respectable 8.9 seconds. The A1 doesn’t just deliver on performance, there’s an admirable practicality to the small hatchback, the Audi offers the largest boot space compared to other cars in its category and flexible seating with ‘easy-entry’ front seats as standard for all 3-door Audi A1s

When the supermini launched in 2010, it entered a market that was already heavily contested. 7 years later and it’s now one of the most popular small car options in the market and despite the supermini tag, the A1 is spacious (with impressive boot space) and it has great fuel efficiency.

Our Audi A1 range

Best compact cars

A compact car for those who don’t know is pretty much a small family car, and nothing beats the Volkswagen Golf when it comes to this category. Now in its seventh reincarnation, the Golf is the benchmark for premium, quality in a hatch.

The Golf is sporty, fun-to-drive character, it offers plenty of room with well-finished interior; and comfortable seats. The most noticeable thing about the VW Golf is the car will repay you with excellent fuel economy, the 1.6 TDI diesel will deliver 88mpg in true BlueMotion fashion.

This is a car that does everything you’d want from a compact, it’s hugely capable and you can rely on the car for your everyday need without any superfluity.

Our VW Golf range

Best selling cars

The talisman BMW 5 Series brings together BMW’s tradition of innovation and design with excellent performance.

The 5 Series will give you a fantastically comfortable ride with good control, you can pick from the four door saloon or five-door estate, called the Touring. The 530d is a fitting tribute to ergonomics with the option of an 8-speed automatic transmission and rear wheel drive.

There’s also a lot to admire when it comes the interior, with some of the newer models offering more knee room at the back and increase in luggage capacity.

There’s no surprise the 5 Series is one of our best-selling cars at Cargiant, with a range of specs and a formidable reputation for reliability, a used BMW for sale is the gateway to luxury driving because although their price retention is great, BMW’s tendency to release newer models means there will be cheaper options on the used car market.  

Our BMW 5-Series range

The Best car

In reality, the best car is the one that's right for you. We all have different requirements from a car and so the important thing is to know what you'll be using the car for to help you narrow down your options.You can then check them all out and see which one feels best.

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