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6 Best Small Cars To Buy

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In the market for a convenient smaller vehicle that is fun to drive and is painless to park in smaller spots? Let’s help you find the one for you. Cargiant put together a top 6 of the best small cars to buy, take a look.


1. Ford Fiesta

With its award-winning 1.0-litre Eco Boost engine, recognised for its efficiency, performance and technology, it’s no wonder ‘What Car’ is calling the Fiesta the UK’s most popular small car.

With qualification for free road tax due to the engine’s CO2 outputs being below the 100g/km cut off point and inexpensive service costs, as well as an abundance of support for its reliability from previous owners, this car is a financially sound investment.

The Fiesta’s precise steering and sharp handling make it a very fun car to drive. With the addition of controls that are easy to use when driving, you can be assured that you have the perfect car for your journey.

Comfort seems to have been on Ford’s mind when they were designing the interior. The driver has more say over their position, utilising the controls to adjust the headrests and chair position, making it a more comfortable drive. The passengers will also be happy, as there is plenty of legroom and space for them to comfortably sit, which can be a problem in other small cars.

With the first spot in our top 6 small cars list, the Fiesta’s safety record is golden too, passing the Euro NCAP test in 2017 with the maximum five stars. Along with five stars for its resistance against theft.

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2. Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia was named What Car’s’ Best Small Car 2020. It may have a more expensive price tag than other cars in its market, but can be justified due to the sheer amount of variations there are.

There's a variety of engines available such as the 1.2 TSI 90, which ‘What Car’ and ‘Auto Express’ rate as being higher powered than other models available, and subsequently their favourite. You also have the option of petrol or diesel engines, both types giving you fuel emissions under 100g/km to qualify for free road tax.

You’ll find precision steering and comfortable driving with the Fabia. It enhanced its stability and handling to ensure the driver is getting the best driving experience possible. The car has also become more user-friendly with clearer dials, straightforward heater controls and bigger switch gears for easy use.

With a built-in and user-friendly computerised system, along with added technology app ‘Smart Gate’ which enables owners to track their driving, Skoda has the driver’s usability in mind.

The designers maximised every inch of ‘small car’ space to give both driver and passengers a comfortable ride. The Fabia prides itself on having the biggest boot out of all the small cars on the market.

The Fabia passed the Euro NCAP safety tests with flying colours and gained five stars in the standard security test too. With the added feature of Isofix seat fittings for car seats, this car has safety handled.

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3. Renault Clio

The Renault Clio is one of the more established cars in the small car market and holds the middle spot on our top small cars list. With a choice of four different engines, along with a petrol or diesel option, the car can really hold its own against its closest rivals.

Inside the Clio, there’s a reasonable amount of space in both the front and the back of the car. Built-in seat controls give flexibility in setting the driver's position to ensure a comfortable long-distance journey. There is also a more comfortable ride in the rear with more shoulder room should there be more than one adult in the back. The Clio’s boot is a great size for a small car at 300 litres, with additional room found when the rear seats are down.

Renault’s renowned touch system technology is available for all models of the Clio. Bluetooth, a USB port, a cradle for either a phone or a sat-nav and DAB Radio, are also included in the standard model of the Clio. It delivers the technological system that you would expect in a more expensive model.

The Clio’s have a very good safety record throughout their 26-year history. With the added security of 6 airbags and anti-whiplash headrests, the Clio has you covered.

The Clio is in a class of its own and as you might expect we have plenty in stock ready to drive away: check out the used Renault Clio for sale.


4. Audi A1

In 2010, Audi finally launched itself into the small car market with the introduction of the Audi A1. They were awarded for their efforts consistently and in 2021 won What Car’s Best Supermini.

Even though it is classed as one of the more expensive small cars, it justifies its price tag with its all-around quality and handling. The engine in the A1 is a powerful one, with an option for a sports version if you are looking for that extra thrill. The majority of engines available with the A1 emit less than 100g/km of CO2, giving the model ‘free car tax’ status.

Sticking with typical Audi styling, the car is clean and slick inside. Auto Express describes the A1’s interior as “genuinely stunning”. Space isn’t much of a problem for the A1, with decent legroom for the driver and passengers, along with a boot that can rival its competitors.

If you’ve heard great things about Audi’s cutting-edge infotainment system, then you will not be disappointed as this is available with all A1 models. The 6-inch colour screen makes it easy for you to connect devices and easily enables upgrades such as satellite navigation or an upgraded sound system. However, it’s worth making sure you have a full breakdown of the costs before thinking about the optional extras as the two costs can soon stack up.

The A1 received a five-star rating in the Euro NCAP safety tests, and when being tested against resistance to being stolen by security experts Thatcham, it was again awarded five stars.

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5. Volkswagen Polo

Fifth on our list of best small cars to buy is the winner of the 2018 World Urban Car title at the World Car Awards: the Volkswagen Polo, and it’s easy to see why so many of us have fallen in love with it.

With 6 different engines, including a normal or turbo-boosted engine, the Polo is a versatile vehicle. With impressive fuel and CO2 emissions, you’re getting your money’s worth and the free road tax to go with it.

Like our other top picks of small cars, the driver has control over their driving position. Being able to move the headrests and the steering wheel to ensure optimum comfort for journeys. The back of the car is spacious as well, both the 3-door and 5-door, have adequate space for passengers to be able to sit comfortably.

In the standard model of the car, a 5inch screen, Bluetooth, USB port and DAB radio are all included. You do have to pay for the added sat-nav integration and parking sensors at around an extra £700 if you’re buying the car new. However, when buying a used VW Polo, you can get great deals with the extras already included.

The Polo, like other small cars, gained the desired five stars in both the EURO NCAP test and security test by Thatcham. Cementing the idea that the Polo is one of the greats.

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6. Vauxhall Corsa

Winner of UK's best value car at the 2021 News UK Motor Awards, the Corsa is fighting Vauxhalls corner in the small car category and is the last vehicle on our list of top small cars.

With over ten different engine choices, including your standard engine and turbo versions, you are bound to find the perfect one for you. The added comfort of firm suspension and responsive steering and the addition of Vauxhalls ‘city’ button which helps the car adapt to different driving conditions means drivers can have confidence in knowing that this car has all road types in hand.

Moveable headrests and adjustable steering wheels mean that the driver can find a comfortable position that suits them. Passengers will not be travelling in discomfort either, as there is plenty of room in the rear of the car for either adults or children to sit comfortably

If you plump for the standard version, you do get DAB radio. If you’re looking for navigational systems and an infotainment system, then the more expensive option is better suited for you.

The Corsa performed very well in safety and security tests. Gaining five stars in both the Euro NCAP tests and for its resistance to theft by security experts Thatcham. Owners can rest assured their car will keep them safe and sound.

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There you have, Cargiant’s 6 top small cars. Need to sell your current vehicle before you can buy a new one? No worries! Here is how to sell your car in London.