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Part Exchange

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Part exchange is the hassle free and most popular method of getting yourself a new car, but if you’re like most car buyers who hear the word banded around without really knowing what it all entails or exactly what to expect, we’ve put together this useful guide which will introduce you to how part exchange works.

What is part exchange?

Simply put, part exchange is where you swap your old car for a new one at a car dealer and pay the difference between what the cars are worth.

So, for example: if the old car you’re trading in is worth £6k and the car you want to buy is worth £10k, you’ll just have to pay the £4k difference to the car dealer.

There’s a number of benefits of part-exchanging compared to selling privately: it’s quick and convenient, you only have to make one deal and you’re not left without a car.

Should I part exchange my car

Part exchanging your car with a dealer is the quickest and most straightforward way to sell your car and buy a new one. It’s even possible to agree a part exchange and drive away in something new all in one afternoon.

Also, if you have outstanding finance on your current car, in most cases the dealer should be able to help you with settling the finance or transferring it to your new car. To find out more on how this works, our expert finance team are available to speak to. 

Best part exchange deal

To get the best part exchange deal it’s a good idea to know how much your car is worth before you head off to a dealership. There are many car valuation tools online to help you gain a good understanding of what to expect before you take it in for a part exchange.

It’s also worth making sure the car is clean as first impressions count and presenting a car in good physical condition will send a positive message to the person valuing your car.

Part Exchange Prices

The worth of your current car depends on its condition, age and popularity. Most dealers use CAP car valuation price guide, an industry benchmark for car valuations.

Can I part-exchange at Cargiant?

Absolutely! At Cargiant we make it easy for you to part exchange your current car for your dream car. We know it’s important to get the best value, especially as it’s contributing towards the cost of something new.

Using CAP and Glasses guide valuation tools, you’ll always get a professional and honest valuation from Cargiant, and our expert team of valuers are available to talk you through how we’ve valued your car leaving you informed to make the best decision.

If you’re interested in part exchange, simply drive your existing car to your test drive and we’ll give you a price, with no obligations to sell.

Part exchange your car with us today.