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Cars Near Me: Where To Buy A Used Car

Cars Near Me: Where To Buy A Used Car

When looking for a new car, there are many fantastic avenues available for every discerning car buyer. From private sellers to car dealers, you have an abundance of places to explore and find that car you’ve always wanted.

Our team our experts have the best expertise and insight into the used car market and we’ve relied on their wealth of experience and knowledge to put together this useful guide on the different ways to buy a used car so you know exactly what to expect when you decide it’s time to grab yourself a great deal and a used car you can rely on. 

Cars for Sale Near Me

Buying a car locally has many benefits. For a start, you don’t have to travel far and if anything goes wrong, it will be easier to visit the dealer and get it fixed.

Being relatively near to where you live means you’re also more likely to know whether the dealership has a bad reputation or, if you’re buying privately, know the person you’re buying from. And being in an environment you’re familiar and comfortable makes it easier to ask those question you might otherwise be reluctant to.

You can also take advantage of local knowledge on test drives, going down testing routes to ensure you put your prospective car through its paces.

Many people also want to feel as though they’re contributing to their local community. Because many local dealers contribute to their community through sponsorships – you can be sure to have an active stake in your local community by buying locally. 

Buying from a Car Dealer

Buying from a car dealership gives you the most options when it comes to finding not only the right model but being able to compare trims and engines too. Most car dealers will also have expert sale advisors who can help answer all the technical questions you might have around performance and fuel consumption.

Car dealers also offer you extra service such as part exchange which allows you to reduce the cost of the new car by trading in your current car. Another advantage of buying a used car from a car dealer is they provide a dedicated aftersales or customer service team to assist you should any problems arise.

If you’re concerned about the reliability of a used car, dealerships also follow a code of practice which means they have responsibilities such as a satisfactory quality – taking into consideration the car’s age, make, model, mileage and price. This means there is a duty to ensure vehicles sold are roadworthy in accordance to Road Traffic Act.

The dealer should also be able to complete a HPI check on the vehicle to ensure there is no outstanding finance on the car or any dubious history – such as an accident write-off. 

Buying from a Private Seller

When buying privately, you can often negotiate a lower sale price. You will have the opportunity to speak to the previous owner and, therefore, get a clearer picture of how the car has been looked after and how it was previously used. You won’t receive a warranty or protection under the Sale of Goods Act if you buy privately. It’s also advisable to complete your own HPI check –this can easily be done online for a small fee.

You should never buy a car in a car park or from an area you are not familiar or comfortable in, or from a private seller reluctant to give you an established corresponding address. Always make a History and Provenance Check on cars offered by home traders, and look for verification that the mileage is genuine. 

Buying from a Car Auction

It’s frequently said that buying a car at auction is the best way to save money. And many private buyers have increasingly looked to negate the middle man and go straight to the auctions on the lookout for cheap cars.

Despite the lure of saving plenty on the price of a car at an auction, if you don’t know a great deal about cars, it’s highly recommended to take someone along with you who does. Car auctions can be fast paced and with so much information to take in and important decisions to make on a whim, you want to be confident you’re making all the right decisions.

Unlike the protection you get from car dealers under your consumer rights, with auctions you’re certainly leaving yourself open to risks of buying a faulty car as they are often sold as seen.There’s also the auction house fees to consider when buying from auction. 

Buying a Car Online

Buying online is increasingly the popular method of buying a car. Although the majority of cars bought online are new, you can still find a range of used car options available to buy online using a number of different websites and car search engines.

Choosing a car online provides you with more flexibility and choices as you can easily compare from a vast array of options. Whilst you search online you also have the added bonus of using various tools online to help you find out important things like the MOT history of the car you’re interested in and the potential cost of insurance and road tax.

The best way to buy online is to use a trusted brand like Cargiant, with up to 10,000 stock online to choose from you can save time and make an informed and smart decisions by being able to compare all your possible options in one place.

Cargiant also have an expert team of buyers all around the country scouting for the best used cars on the market, so all you have to do is decide with the help of our finance team the best way to pay for your next car.

With all the benefits of buying from the biggest car dealer in the world, why don’t you start your search now?

Search for used car options. 

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