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Buying Guides

Buying Guides

Cargiant’s favourite Crossovers and Small SUVs

SUVs are continually growing in popularity and the majority of brands have at least one in their model ranges. Crossovers are the smallest SUVs available and tend to be based on a traditional hatchback, but with a raised driving position. This post will guide you through Cargiant’s favourite Crossovers and Small SUVs.

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Cargiant's Top 5 Superminis


With so many superminis to choose from, it’s difficult to decide which one to go for, so we’ve put together a run-down of Cargiant’s top 5 superminis.

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5 things to consider when buying an electric car


This blog post explains everything about electric, plug-in hybrids and range extender vehicles, enabling you to make an educated decision on your next car.

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The 10 most popular used cars for 2019


Around 8 million used cars were sold in the UK in 2018, ranging from decide old classics to modern day super and hypercars. Here is a run down of the 10 best [...]+

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Which SUV is right for you?


SUVs for short have rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years; in fact, 1 in 4 cars now sold across Europe is an SUV. This guide will explain the d [...]+

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Cargiant’s 5 best hybrid cars


Over the past few years, petrol and diesel hybrid vehicles have been growing in popularity; in fact, over 57,000 were registered in 2017 alone. Many manufact [...]+

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The best first cars to buy under £5,000


All I want for Christmas is…. my very first car! We’ve compiled a list of our top first cars for under £5,000.

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